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It is the mission of The Wauka Mountain Multiple Intelligences Academy to offer students extensive opportunities to participate in activities that foster learning in all of Howard Gardner’s eight intelligences with a focus on the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards.  Gardner’s eight intelligences are:  verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist.

An array of opportunities from classes to fine arts and music to athletics and problem-solving give our students the ability to explore and develop their multiple intelligences and demonstrate learning in authentic ways.

Grounded in Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the delivery of instruction emphasizes the construction of knowledge through hands-on, project-based, and inquiry learning.  In addition to the rigorous curriculum based on the state standards, students select two specialty classes that meet daily for ten weeks to extend learning and provide exposure to the eight intelligences.

Examples of specialty classes include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, golf, tennis, archery, advanced technology, equestrian studies, dance, horticulture, flute, guitar, violin, piano, chorus, science, LEGO robotics, stepping, color guard, sewing, community services, chorus, sculpture & pottery, fitness, digital photography, videography, yearbook design, soccer, digital photography, Leaping into Literacy, math lab, high-tech literacy, water color, international studies, writing lab, cheerleading, Create! Art classes, and culinary arts.

The idea of multiple intelligences breaks the traditional mode in many ways.  All eight intelligences are incorporated into all subject areas and specialty classes, and are given equal importance.

This model also encourages student choice and responsibility for learning.  Teaching, learning, and assessment are presented in such a manner that it is applicable to students’ lives while increasing student achievement remains a significant focus.